The Future of Intelligent Personal Assistant

Watson allows ANY mobile device equipped with a SIM card to make internet search queries. The current version features Language Translations, Gmail Pushes, and Wolfram Alpha search results straight to your phone via SMS. We have also built Watson to become fully compatible with every other implemented API. This allows Watson to generate a better UX, such as sending an email that has been fully translated in just one line!

The Future of Watson

Since Watson uses SMS to deliver data to users via Twilio, it allows users in regions that have poor internet connections or unavailable cellular data to access the Internet. Previously unavailable, API tools are now accessible to millions of more people from merely a cellular connection.Breaking barriers and providing everyone with an equal opportunity to be connected with the world is what Watson strives to do with its offline support of internet-connected services.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Watson is available on every device capable of texting, which includes iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, Desktop SMS applications, and even the Apple Watch!