Manus pl. Manūs (latin for hand)

Intoducing The MyoManus: A self-made bionic system designed to be affordable to anyone. With the endless possibilities of technology development, it seems like bionics are out of the finiancial reach of many throughout the world. MyoManus allows any community of people to create, share, use, build and control a whole library of possible bionical designs with cheap technologies such as the Myo Armband, Arduinio, 3D-printed materials, or even any material imaginable. The MyoMaus can be at least $11,500 cheaper than the leading competitor.


Open Source

Literally anyone can gain access to bionic technologies with the relatively cheap Myo and Arduino technologies. This open source project can allow future developers to build and improve on previous bionic systems with collaborations with the community.


Additional Sensor input would allow the user to have greater connectivity to their prosthetic arm. Temperature sensors is just one example that can be added to the users will.

Cheap DIY

Build your own designs in do-it-yourself projects or download templates to build from. Myo + Arduino + DIY = <3


Check out the MyoManus Source code