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All-around Engineer with experience in Software, Hardware, Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Nuclear, and much more!

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Home Base: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Work Experience

Mujin Inc.

Robotic Systems Engineer (Motor Control) - Intern

Tokyo - Japan
May 15th, 2017 — May 15th, 2018 (1 year)

Developed motor dynamics tests to determine an accurate motor torque model, complete with robot trajectory planning, data analytics, UX/UI data visualization features

  • Estimate Motor Friction Coefficients (Viscous & Coulomb), Center of Mass, and Principal Moment of Intertia of all Motor links in any posture
  • Test fully developed in Python: Robot Trajectory Generation, Data Analysis/Fitting/Optimization , UX/UI Data Visualization

Canadensys Aerospace Corp.

Robotic Systems Engineer (Space Exploration) - Intern

Toronto - Canada
May 1st, 2016 — September 1st, 2016 (4 months)

Designed, Built, and Developed a Lunar Rover Space Exploration Prototype

  • Designed the overall strucuture of the lunar rover
  • Build the mechanical and electrical systems
  • Developed the Python command backend to control the TCP commands sent to the rover
  • Developed the UI which a rover commander can control the rover movement
  • Implemented various camera systems on the rover, including 360°, stereo, and 180° fisheye cameras, for use with OpenCV


UWindsor's Space & Aeronautics Team

President / Founder / Lead Engineer

Sept. 2016 — Present

Design and Build a 3U Cube Satellite for Low Earth Orbit, part of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

  • Lead a team of 25+ UWindsor Engineers & Scientists, from various education levels (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D)
  • Sponsored by UWindsor EpiCenter foe Satellite development - $5000

UWindsor's Rocketry Team

Avionics Engineer

Sept. 2015 — Present

Built & Developed a Rapberry Pi data acquisition module to collect aerodynamic flight data for use of rocker design imporvements and guidance/navigation

  • Rapberry Pi module aquired aerodynamic data (accelerometer, barometric pressure [altitude], gyroscope, magnetometer) during flight for later aerodynamic analysis regarding rocket design


University of Windsor

2015-09-01 — Present
Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Specialization - COOP, Bachelor of Applied Science (Dean's Honour Roll)
  • 03-62-126 - Linear Algebra
  • 03-62-140 - Differential Calculus
  • 06-85-111 - Engineering Mechanics I
  • 06-85-118 - Engineering and the Profession
  • 06-85-133 - Engineering and Design
  • 03-59-110 - Topics in General Chemistry
  • 03-62-141 - Integral Calculus
  • 03-64-141 - Introductory Physics II
  • 06-85-119 - Technical Communications
  • 06-85-120 - Engineering Thermofluids
  • 03-62-215 - Vector Calculus
  • 06-85-232 - Engineering Software Fundamentals
  • 06-85-234 - Electrical and Computing Fundamentals
  • 06-85-250 - Engineering and the Environment
  • 06-91-201 - Engineering Management and Globalization
  • 06-92-210 - Dynamics
  • 03-62-216 - Differential Equations
  • 06-85-218 - Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
  • 06-85-219 - Introduction to Engineering Materials
  • 06-85-220 - Numerical Analysis for Engineering
  • 06-85-222 - Treatment of Experimental Data
  • 06-85-230 - Advanced Engineering and Design


Student Grant - European Space Agency's North American Cryosat Science Conference

March 2017
Awarder: Canadian Space Agency

Received Grant (max. $4000) from Canadian Space Agency to attend conference regarding ESA’s CryoSat2 Mission Results; exchanged findings with scientists/engineers from NOAA, NASA (Goddard, JPL, etc.), CSA, & ESA

UWindsor Scholarships

2015 - Present
Awarder: Various
  • P.E.O. Windsor-Essex Chapter Scholarship - $500
  • Faculty Retirees’ Scholarship - $1800
  • Ontario First Generation Bursary - $2000
  • Duronio FamilyScholarship - $1300
  • International COOP Bursary - $750
  • Frank Ewasyshyn Electrical Engineering Entrance Scholarship - $2000
  • University of Windsor Entrance Scholarship - $1000



Python, Java, C++, Javascript (Native, Angular.js), PHP, HTML(5)/CSS, Node.JS, MATLAB, MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB, Catia V5, Nginx / Apache2, Git (Github, Gitlab), Unix - Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Kali) & OSX, Raspberry Pi / Arduinio / Beagle Bone, BASH, FlexiSign, and Windows OS / Office (Word, Excel, etc.)


Simulink, Andriod Dev, and Ruby


iOS Dev (Swift), Machine Learning (TensorFlow), SolidWorks, and QML

Libraries / Frameworks / APIs / Other

Numpy / Scipy / Matplotlib, Python Flask & Django, AWS / DigitalOcean / Linode, Jekyll, Photoshop / GIMP, Twilio, AGI STK,, LaTeX, Wolfram Alpha, Various Google APIs (Maps, Translate, etc.), Twitter API, Expedia API, Sublime Text / Eclipse / Visual Studio, OpenRAVE, Leap Motion, Myo Armband, and Sony Vegas Pro


Facebook Global Hackathon Finals

Facebook Headquarters, Menlo Park, CA - 2015
Watson - Instant SMS Internet Queries via Cloud Server API calls
Key Points
  • Twilio SMS handling w/ Parse Cloud Server
  • Wit.AI API Implementation for machine-learning linguistics analysis
  • Implemented APIs: Wolfram Alpha, Google Translate, Gmail

SpartaHacks 2017

Michigan State University
Lubdub - Record and Detect Heart defects
Key Points
  • Built custom algorithm to detect heart defects with Waveform Nodal Analysis (DSP in native Javascript)
  • SpartaHacks Overall 2nd Place Winner
  • Top Ten
  • ThoughtWorks Honourable Mention

MHacks 6

University of Michigan
Gateway - iOS Messaging App w/ API search query responses
Key Points
  • JavaScript HttpRequest handling on Parse Cloud code
  • JavaScript keyword handling for user search queries
  • Best iOS App
  • Best Use of Expedia API
  • Best Use of Parse API (Invited to Facebook Global Hackathon)

Winter Hackathon

University of Windsor
Insurance Map - Google Maps web app for insurance company
  • EpiCentre Startup Investment Fund - $6000

Hacking Generation Y

Stanford University, CA - 2014
Watson - Instant SMS Internet Queries via Cloud Server API calls
Key Points
  • Android Dev w/ Google glass & OpenCV

and many more Hackathons listed in the PDF!



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Astrophysics, Traveling, Soccer, Overwatch, and CSGO (autoexec.cfg)