RaspberryPi module for a collecting aerodynamic data from a rocket flight path.

RocketPi is a small Raspberry Pi Zero module I made for the University of Windsor’s Rocket Team. It is a module made with a soldered on lithium ion battery to support the data acquisition sensors; specifically, a Adafruit BME280 Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor and Adafruit BNO055 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU. The script I wrote, which is available on Github, connects to the sensors using the respective python libraries (provided by adafruit), collects the information I deem necessary for later use (such as altitude, attitude, temperature, humidity, and orientation). It is them stored onto a csv file with time stamps during the duration of the flight. The raspberry pi was configured to auto-launch the script once plugged into power and strapped onto the rocket.

It is planned to use this aerodynamic data to record max apogee of the flight, as well as determine if the calculated velocities, acceleration, and orientation changes match our rocket designs. This data will also be used to render our 3D model of our rocket in a game engine to visually inspect the flight path.

Check out a video from the facebook page of our rocket launch below!

Here is the, hosted on Gist!