Demo. Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Nuclear Fusion Reactor

I have always been interested in Nuclear Fusion energy and what it could mean for mankind. After years of research into the technology, I decided to explore more into fusion synthesis, even though the break even point for fusion energy might be seen far in the future.

I worked on this project through high school and my first year of university. What this project attempted to accomplish is test different inner grid designs for this demonstration inertial electrostatic confinement fusor. The setup is explained in detail in the PowerPoint, however it simply uses 15kV neon sign transformer to excite and ionize normal atmospheric particles in the confined vacuum of the chamber. It was originally designed to use Deuterium, an isotope of Hydrogen, do actually undergo fusion to Helium, however it was deemed to expensive at the time to purchase a capable vacuum chamber to conduct the experiment efficiently and safely (even with the neutron radiation from actual fusion).

I eventually presented my findings in front of most of y engineering body at my university (~500) students and some professors. The embedded youtube video shows sample tests runs of the fusor.